You will be the envy of your neighborhood with our one-of-a-kind modern front doors!

A Modern Steel Door is more than a door; it is an experience.

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Modern Front Doors Gallery


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Meet the Artist


Our clients are passionate. They want something different.

They want to make an impression. They want a door that is a piece of them. That level dedication and passion can only happen at the front door.

I like to think that we don’t make doors; rather, we create an experience. The front door is an experience. What I seek is to frame this experience in the most beautiful, enduring, and functional way possible.

To create something unique, sometimes you need to go against the grain. To explore the unexplored.

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If something can’t be done passionately, what’s the point of even doing it?

Modern Front Door Pulls


Heated by fire and sculpted by force, our custom modern front door pulls create a focal point.
Large pivoting doors serve as an excellent canvas for this occurrence.

The pull’s prominent textures add an organic element to your modern frpnt door that will intrigue visitors. The first interaction is visual and the second interaction is tactile. Sculpted grooves work together to create a unique fingerprint for each modern front door.

Custom Pulls

Bowed I
Bowed II
Powder Coated

OMG - I am just speechless!!!!

That door is beyond awesome. I don't even know how many times I hugged it!!!! I just have one regret- that we didn't get one of the custom handles...but not complaining about this one!!! I will send pictures as soon as the project is complete. It is installed but covered. All of my sub contractors just stood there staring in awe when it was installed! Love it!

— Natalie

Modern Front Doors


Modern Steel Doors is the preeminent modern front door company in the world.

What is a modern front door?

Modern Front Door[mod-ern] [fruhnt] [dawr]

A modern front door is a critical part of any home. However, today’s homeowners expect more than a quaint front door that conforms to the neighborhood. The modern homeowner is sophisticated and dedicated to creating a one-of-a-kind home experience. Modern Steel Doors understands that you don’t want an off-the-shelf, ordinary modern front door. That is why we specialize on making your home entrance an momentous experience.

Modern Steel Doors is the world’s leading modern front door company. For over three decades, we have developed proprietary methods and sharpened our abilities to create modern front doors that transcend ordinary front doors. Thousands of clients have taught us what is important to them and so we know what is important to you. We use our experience and passion to make breathtaking modern front doors for our clients around the world.

A Modern Steel Door is more than a door, it's an experience.

To create that experience, Modern Steel Doors uses

Unique Materials

Glass and steel are the materials of choice for modern front doors. Steel is structurally superior to wood. Wood warps and requires maintenance—steel does not. While wood profiles tend to be over sized, steel provides thin door frames.Steel can be finished to match other metal features. Furthermore, our hand-sculpted steel door pulls add sophistication to your modern front door.

Hand-Sculpted Hardware

Door pulls are where you personally interact with your modern front door. It’s where your fingerprint meets the fingerprint of the door. Contemporary glass and metal doors create the perfect canvas for Modern Steel Door’s hand-sculpted door pulls. Each custom door pull is handmade, with intricate, organic details that can only be achieved by the hands of an artist. Our hand-sculpted hardware pieces are one-of-a-kind and add a depth that mass-produced hardware cannot.

Large Scale

Bigger is better when it come to your modern front door. There are enough standard-sized entry doors in the world. You want something that no one else has. You want visitors to stop and stare at your modern front door. Our contemporary entry doors demand attention. You might want the extreme with an 8-foot-wide and 20-foot-tall modern front door. Our large-scale entry doors are made possible by our proprietary pivoting door technology. We are the only modern front door company in the world that engineers and manufactures our own pivot door hinges.


Some run with the herd, but some pioneer their own paths. Safe and predictable has its place—but we believe it’s not at your front door. Modern Steel Doors takes an unconventional approach in creating your modern front door. We challenge the ordinary. We don’t accept complacency. We follow innovation. Our modern front door technology is engineered from the ground up.

It began with a simple question: What is the perfect weatherstripping? First, weatherstripping must slow down our large doors just before closing, muffle the slamming noise, acoustically insulate when shut, and, lastly, have the ability to compensate for gaps. Wishlist in hand, we set out to find our weatherstripping and found there was nothing on the market that was capable of satisfying our requirements. Instead of compromising on quality, we created our own proprietary weatherstripping. But finally, we created a weatherstripping that seals quietly, slows down our modern front doors, and compensates for variations in space.

No detail is too small. Consider our lock. We designed it to be heard and felt when it locks. This ensures that you know that your door is locked and ready to protect your family and home. Modern Steel Doors represents innovation, not imitation. Our clients wouldn’t have it any other way.

A modern front door can add a subtle accent or make a bold statement.

Modern Steel Doors offers a unique collection of modern entry doors

Modern Glass Entry Doors

Our glass entrance doors offer large unobstructed views which are accented by hand sculpted door pulls. Full-view front doors may be segmented by horizontal and/or vertical applied metal molding. Segments can be designed to complement any home. Low-profile doors are made with our extra thin door frame. Our ultra thin pivot door frame produces an unrivaled 90 percent glass in a 6-feet wide by 10-feet tall doorway.

Modern Metal Front Doors

Our metal entry doors provide metal cladding that is highlighted by the metal’s industrial beauty. Modern doesn’t have to be cold and synthetic. Modern can be organic and sophisticated. Your home entry will be like no other with our unique metal finishes and hand-sculpted hardware.

Modern Glass & Metal Entrance Doors

Glass and metal work together to create each Modern Steel Door. Choose your modern door design and then tailor the door to fit your home’s entry with our proprietary hardware, glass, finish and cladding. Your one-of-a-kind front door will make your home entry remarkable and memorable.

Transitional Doors

Our transitional doors are decorated with ironwork and will embellish up your home entrance. Transitional front doors are available with fancy scroll work or linear design themes. Our unique pivoting door action will redefine the swing action commonly used with these door designs.

Modern Aluminum Doors

These modern front doors are designed to reduce cost while still maintaining a high-level of appearance and performance.

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