Modern Steel Doors does one thing.

We make epic modern front doors.

The right modern front door can make a profound impact on your entire home.

Our diverse collection of modern front doors work to create a lasting and memorable experience

Passion and pride are put into each front door. Crafted by artisans, innovation is built into every component of your modern front door.

Glass Modern Front Doors

City or nature views are enjoyed without obstruction with our large-scale glass panes. Your modern front door will frame the beautiful scenery. Metal trimming can be used to segment our full-view entry doors and organize space. Our ultra-thin modern front door frame is used on low-profile doors, leaving the glass unrivaled. Our modern front doors are available with our pivoting action. This unique method of hinge enables very large door sizes.

Wood Modern Front Doors

Our modern wood front doors add organic warmth to your home. We offer two basic structures: a metal door with hardwood backgrounds or a hardwood door with a metal framing. Both methods of construction combine the wood, metal & glass in a unique way. Each design has been created by JCruz our front door designer. Just think, a front door that has been designed to create a choreographed experience.

Metal Modern Front Doors

Metal cladding draws attention to the natural beauty of metal. Our modern metal doors add a raw, yet sophisticated impression to your home. Our wide selection of modern door finishes and hand-sculpted pulls take your modern entryway to the next level.

Glass & Metal Modern Front Doors

Different materials can be brought together to create something new. Glass and metal are creatively combined to create a unique effect. Your favorite modern front door design can be customized using our hardware, finishes, glass, and other features.

Transitional Modern Front Doors

Our transitional modern front doors add lush elegance to your home. Elaborate scrollwork or linear design options can transform any entryway. The swinging motion traditionally accompanying these modern front door designs can be replaced by pivoting action.

Alternative Modern Front Doors

Sometimes the modern front door of your dreams is just over budget. We understand. Our Builder’s Line was created to provide clients with their dream front door at a reduced price. Costs are reduced at intentional locations on your door, never compromising quality or functionality.

different types of front doors including pivot doors versus regular doors

What are my front door options?

Replacing your front door presents new configuration options.

Pivot Doors

Pivot front doors are the latest trend for the higher end front door market. A pivot door has the sophistication of a single door and size of a double door. A standard double door is 48 square feet, and a standard single door is 28 square feet. A pivot door ranges from 40 to 60 square feet. The unique hinging method transfers the door weight directly to the floor, as opposed to through the jamb. The pivot hinges are how such large and heavy doors are made possible.

Regular Doors

Single front doors have become the popular choice of modern homes. Less symmetry is more sophisticated, and the reduced width works well in small spaces. Conventional entry doors start at 36" in width and go up to 48". Standard front door heights start at 80" and go up to 96".

Regular Double Doors

Double front doors were popular decades ago. The symmetry and large size of double entrance doors make them timeless. Different designs and materials can be combined to create endless variations. A pair of 36" wide doors or 72" overall continues to be the most common size. Heights vary from 80" to 96".

Sidelights and Transoms

Sidelights are a great way to increase the width and impact of your front door and let in more light. Sidelights are incorporated into the door jamb. Single sidelights are commonly placed on the active (lock) side of your door. Double sidelights can be used with single or double doors. Transoms are incorporated into the door jamb, like sidelights, however, they are placed horizontally above the door. Transoms create greater overall height and let in much more light.

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